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"Over The Edge"Review:  Over The Edge

"Over the Edge is a crime thriller, a love story, and a remarkably knowledgeable and compelling tale about skiing."

Richard A. Lupoff
Author of "Quintet: The Cases of Chase and Delacroix"

"Those who follow the impulse to read Over the Edge . . . are in for an avalanche of fun. Kaplan uses the backdrop of a vintage Jackson to paint an edgy tale of murder and redemption . . . Characters, when not jumping off cliffs, jump off the page."

Robert Frolich
"Big Sky Journal"

"Kaplan writes with an eye for visual detail and a breathless style, with punchy sentences that whisk readers through the action."

Melanie White
"Jackson Hole News & Guide"

"The skiing scenes in Over the Edge are ecstatic, and will make you long for the reappearance of winter."

Betty J. Webb
"Mystery Scene Magazine"

"This debut thriller crackles with energy . . . a taut thriller that I didn’t want to put down."

Darren Sutherland
"Wood River Journal"

"A quick-paced read . . . takes the reader through the trees and over some bumps without destroying any knees."

Dana Dugan
Reviewer/Staff Writer, "Idaho Mountain Express"

“An exciting outdoor thriller that takes on interesting themes of violence and war, particularly through the eyes of two different war veterans, one from Vietnam, the other Korea.  But it's the skiing world of 1969 Jackson Hole that makes this a page-turner.”

Richard Cook
Owner, Sunrise Bookstore, Berkeley, CA

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