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"Heroes Arise"Review:  Heroes Arise

"Heroes Arise by Laurel Anne Hill is a surprisingly exciting and moving story that gripped my attention from the first word and wouldn't let me put it down. This author's first work shows a strong talent and a remarkable future."

Jean M. Auel
Author of "The Clan of the Cave Bear"

"I enjoyed reading Heroes Arise very much . . . How a culture lives by rules of retribution or trust is revealed in the pressure of one tense scene after another, and the narrative of Gundack and Rheemar flies along."

Kim Stanley Robinson
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of the "Science in the Capital" series

"Heroes Arise provides a fascinating journey into an alien culture, one more open and honorable than our own---although like us in its capacity for violence. As I read, I was reminded of classic tales by Leigh Brackett and C. L. Moore, yet the story has a modern sensibility and depth of characterization. A promising debut for Laurel Anne Hill."

Madeline Howard
Author of  "The Hidden Star

"Heroes Arise follows in the tradition of all good parables using elements of the imagination to illustrate its moral center."

Richard Cook
Owner, Sunrise Bookshop, Berkeley, CA

"I adore this book . . . Hill has a gritty, vibrant writing style that cuts its way to the heart, with heroes who are truly larger than life. I heartily recommend Heroes Arise."

Laura LeHew
Award-winning poet

"A richly detailed world, fascinating characters, and a stirring quest all make for an auspicious debut from an exciting new talent."

Robert J. Sawyer
Hugo Award-winning author of "Hominids

"No stereotypes here . . . A fine job, and well worth your reading time."

Allen L. Wold
Author of the "Rikard Braeth Saga"

"In Heroes Arise, Hill has created a rich, fully-realized fantasy world with a wonderfully textured background---mythology, history, tribal customs---and then stripped it of all pretense to give the reader a sleek, fast-paced adventure story."

Michael D. Pederson
Publisher/Editor, "Nth Degree"

"A real page-turner"

Sandy Raschke
"Calliope: A Writer's Workshop by Mail"
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"This future fantasy set on an alien planet with harsh deserts and mountains is about both the tolerance between the native reptilian people, the kren, and humans. Rheemar, a human, has gone way beyond the usual in his learning customs and language (as well as can be given with physical limitations). He pairs up with kren trader, Gundack, to search for his kidnapped younger sister, while Gundack seeks revenge on his wife’s murderer, Tarr.
This is a story of revenge, redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance. The characters grow within the fantasy framework and show that very dissimilar beings may not be so different down deep. This is a very worthwhile read and ends much differently that you might expect. We rated it four hearts."

Bob Spear
Heartland Reviews

"The world-building in this book is pretty darn cool. The entire tale is told slowly, moment to moment, in a way that focuses on the world, races, and traditions rather than the plot. In some ways this is good; the unusual biology elements, for example, can be pretty fascinating. However, at times it feels rather over-done, as if the book is trying a bit too hard to construct the perfect, seamless world for the reader. I suppose it feels as though the writer is a little too aware of the reader . . .

There's definitely a highly unusual talent at work here with regards to the world-building and the unusual ecology and biology elements. However, some additional polishing would help to take further books to the next level of enjoyment. I often found myself simultaneously having difficulty putting this book down, while yet frowning over things that just struck me a little… wrong."

Heather Grove
Errant Dreams Reviews
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"This isn't an 'easy' fantasy. The author doesn't try to couch it in a familiar culture or in everyday trappings that allow the reader to slide gently into the knowledge that the setting isn't our own. You have to be willing to jump into the world Ms. Hill has set up with both feet.

That being said, the story is very unique . . . This is a story of trust, of faith and of a quest to regain and retain honor. Don't be surprised to find yourself thoroughly engaged, and checking to see whether you have six arms of your own!"

Giant Steps Books and Toys, An Independent Online Bookstore
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