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For Writers

Unfortunately due to the current economic situation and stalled retail sales, KOMENAR is suspending its search for new novels to publish until sales of our current titles show that we can go forward with new titles. We encourage you to financially support this industry if not the specific publishers with whom you hope to have a future. Your goodwill and interest in KOMENAR is greatly appreciated.


Welcome, Fiction Writers!

In planning this website—and our company—KOMENAR wanted to make a contribution to the readers' and writers' community, of which all of our team are members as readers, writers, editors, teachers, booksellers and now publishers. This section of the website is designed specifically for writers. It offers an easy, open way to approach us with submissions (How to Submit), and provides a forum for questions and answers (coming soon!). At Resources, you will find links to our favorite sites that support writers. We also provide excerpts of our Books as examples of what we seek and expect.

As a writer entering these web pages, please consider the opportunities available for:

Also KOMENAR staff and authors attend many functions each year at which you can meet us. If the opportunity presents itself, you can question us about what we do or even do a limited pitch. Click here to go to our calendar of events.

Again welcome to KOMENAR Publishing and thank you for your interest in us.